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lolnet is a New Zealand based Minecraft server! We have been operating since January 2011. The server is free to play for anyone! No whitelisting, no wasting time applying for building rights, you can just jump right in and start playing.

Although we are New Zealand based we invite anyone from around the world to join us!

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Minecraft Server IP:

lolnet new zealand minecraft hunger games

We have recently hosted a Minecraft Hunger Games which was a big success with the winner, winning prizes and glory! Check it out in the video below:


The server has automatic and manual griefing protection built right in. When you place a chest in game it automatically secures you an area to build in and protects your chest. We also have very friendly Moderators and Admins who will be more than happy to protect any of those extra awesome builds!

We have recently opened up a War World where players can join Factions and compete against each other while struggling to survive in a PVP World!

lolnet new zealand minecraft PVP factions clans


There is a low latency voice chat server, using Mumble.

lolnet new zealand mumble server

We also have another low latency voice chat server for those that prefer TeamSpeak.

lolnet new zealand teamspeak server


Click Here to Join us Now!

Minecraft Server IP:





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